Making the leap from full time, paid employment as an HR professional to a self employed mediator is without doubt a risk. The mediation market is still in it’s infancy with the vast majority of civil and commercial mediation cases being mediated by 10-15% of top flight mediators. Many commentators do anticipate a sea change but how and when this will happen is still up for debate.
That said, there are some still some savvy mediators making a name for themselves and carving out a specific niche for themselves. This mediator has made that very transition from HR to Mediator and is still around to tell the tale. In this interview, workplace Mediator Marc Reid gives an isight into the transition he made and some of the main lessons learnt.
Watch the video to learn more about his journey and how he made it as a workplace mediator.

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Predicting When to Mediate Workplace Conflict

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Predicting the optimum time to mediate in a workplace conflict relies upon your understanding of how conflicts evolve and what signals to attend to.

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Your DIY Guide to Mediating Conflict at Work – When to Call a Pro

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Learn how to mediate a conflict with this ‘by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ mediation guide.

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4 Easy Steps to Your Best Ever Year

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Ever wondered if you could look back on each day, month or year and say ‘that was without doubt my best ever’? Here’s how to make that happen.

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Lessons from Mediation for Your Difficult Conversation

Mediation is the process of facilitating a difficult conversation between two or more people. So there are many lessons to be learnt from mediation when it comes to our own difficult conversations. Here’s a strategy from mediation to help shape your conversations. Post to Twitter

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How Are You Contributing to Your Conflict?

Contrary to popular belief (usually our own) we all contribute to the problems and conflicts we get wrapped up in, want to know how and why? Watch this to find out. Post to Twitter

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How to Avoid Waffling at the Start of your Conversation

Ever had an awkward conversation with someone where you’ve ended up waffling right at the start. To make matters worse, when you waffle at the start of a difficult conversation it’s not only embarrassing but you end up not reaching any meaningful conclusion, watch this video to get  cleanly out of the blocks when the gun goes […]

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The Framework for Starting any Difficult Conversation

Ever felt nervous and wondered what on earth to say at the beginning of a sticky conversation? Have you ever started out being clear in your mind what you wanted to talk about but ended up getting distracted and moving off the topic that you really wanted to raise? It’s a common phenomenon that happens to the […]

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How to Raise a Difficult Issue with a Colleague

Raising difficult and sensitive issues with a colleague is challenging at the best of times, watch this video to see how it’s done.

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Difficult Conversations with a Colleague and Friend

How do you raise a sensitive issue about the behaviour of a colleague, who’s also a friend without feeling like you’ve put them on the spot and without losing their trust and friendship?

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Keep your Difficult Conversation on track with this Roadmap

Designing the roadmap for your conversation is all about getting the process right. This article shows you how.

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