Executive Coaching

When my clients are looking to offer very specific support to one of their employees they often request my Executive Coaching Services. These are the three most common situations where I’ve been asked to provide one-to-one coaching;

Leadership Promotion

When a manager has been earmarked for promotion into a senior management position and the organisation want to improve and develop the communication style of that manager such that he or she is confident they can influence their peers through their communication, I am able to provide a stepping stone to success and help them make the mental as well physical shift into their new role.

Interpersonal Conflict

When a manager is experiencing difficulty managing themselves such that they find themselves generating high levels of conflict with colleagues  and often to the extent that the manager has received a number of informal or formal complaints, I am able to help the manager reflect on their current approach and develop a new way of thinking and acting that is more consistent with norms and behaviours that promote collaboration and cohesiveness.

Difficult Conversations

When a manager is faced with having a difficult conversation, with a colleague, client, team or sometimes their organisation – the successful outcome of which rests entirely on their capacity to express their views and respond to the reactions of  others, I offer coaching support to the individual leading up to and beyond the event.

My Coaching Approach

At the heart of my approach is the belief that the way we behave and the consequences we create start with how we think. In many situations often involving conflict, we all tend to think in ways that lead us to behave in ways that generate negative consequences for ourselves and others.

The coaching I provide is rooted in core values of compassion, curiosity, transparency and accountability. I draw upon on a number of key principles that enable me to coach consistent with these values and at the same time help my clients to develop their thinking and their skills in a way that moves them closer to achieving their goals and aspirations.


When I work with individuals in an organisation I typically receive a call from a referring party who describes the situation and the individual they are seeking support for. At this junction we can then determine whether the assignment sounds like something I can help with and the referring party is satisfied that I can.

My next step is to ask the referring party to put me in contact with the person seeking the coaching (the coachee), I then arrange to meet with the coachee at which point we mutually decide whether there is a fit. These meetings are often referred to as ‘chemistry meetings’.  This is when I improve our understanding of the development areas of the coachee and propose next steps.

Before I begin working with the individual I advocate a 3-way meeting; with the sponsoring manager, the coachee and the me. I do this to maximise the chances of success by aligning the goals and expectations of all concerned.

Transparency is at the heart of the way I work with you.

Coaching Outcomes

My clients often experience outcomes that lead to significant improvements in personal and professional relationships, outcomes that lead to improving credibility and trust, more effective decision making and gaining wider commitment to decision.

As a result of working with me, my clients have been more successful at winning business, accelerated their career paths and have developed a capacity to positively influence the people around them.

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