As an Executive Coach

Aled is an experienced Executive Coach whose clients predominantly include FTSE100 organisations. Aled works with senior managers, directors and partners in his client organisations with the purpose of maximising their individual effectiveness. His main areas of expertise include managing and addressing conflict and difficult conversations, developing emotional intelligence and improving communication.

Coaching Style and Approach

At the heart of Aled’s approach is the idea that the way we act and the consequences we create begin with the way we think. In many situations that are challenging or where the stakes are high, many people think in ways that lead them to take actions that create unintended negative consequences for themselves and others. Aled’s coaching approach is rooted in core values of compassion, curiosity, transparency and free and informed choice. He draws on a number of key principles that enable him to coach consistent with his values and at the same time help his clients to develop their thinking and their skills in a way that moves them closer to achieving their goals and aspirations.

Aled is also an experienced facilitator and conflict resolution practitioner first cutting his teeth as a mediator in South Africa in the late nineties during which time he was working in the diamond mining industry. He later helped raised venture capital to set up up his own diamond operation in Angola where his mediation and communication skills were instrumental in building his business.

Aled has developed a successful coaching practice drawing upon training in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Mediation, Transactional Analysis and The Skilled Facilitator Approach to inform his methodology. He is committed to excellence and his own development and works with a supervisor on a 6 weekly basis and his own coach on an ad hoc basis.

Coaching Results

Aled’s clients often experience outcomes that lead to significant improvements in personal and professional relationships, outcomes that lead to improving credibility and trust, more effective  decision making and gaining wider commitment to decisions. As a result of working with Aled, his clients have been more successful at winning business, accelerating their career paths and have developed a capacity to positively influence the people around them.

An avid rugby supporter, Aled made appearances for the Leicester Tigers and Cardiff RFC before going on to play in South Africa. He now lives in London with his family.

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