Email Your Way to Organisational Conflict

It’s easy to see how Email messages create unnecessary organisational conflict. It can all be avoided with just a sprinkling of generosity and dusting of compassion.

From Zero to Organisational Conflict in one Email

You check your emails and click on one from someone in your organisation that says URGENT in the subject header.

As you open it you notice they don’t introduce themselves or provide a back story to their email and the style is abrupt, some of the words are even in UPPER CASE, no please or thank you just a demand.

Do you;

a) Assume they’re under tremendous pressure and give them the benefit of the doubt giving them what they want immediately.

b) Assume their under tremendous pressure and delay your response by an hour or two to teach them a lesson in email etiquette.

c) Assume their just rude by nature and write back giving them both barrels and withholding the relevant information until you receive a written apology from them.

You’re probably thinking, ah well Aled, that depends on their seniority in the organisation. If it’s my boss then a) maybe b) depending on how I’m feeling. If it’s not and I don’t like them then definitely c)

There is another path

Irrespective of your reaction, when that email lands in your inbox and you read the text you will immediately create a story in your head. It’s likely your story will be far removed from reality and depending on how you’re feeling and who the person is will depend on whether it’s a nice story with a happy ending or a bad story where someone or everyone loses out.

Thinking drives behaviour and so on…

Your story will directly influence the response you choose, that’s a fact.

Benefit of the Doubt.

You see it doesn’t matter whether the sender is being deliberately obnoxious or was asleep when they ran the course on email etiquette. If you sprinkle your thoughts with generosity of spirit and a dusting of compassion your response will be the right response and rather than add fuel to the fire you will stop an organisational conflict dead in its tracks.

Don’t be right be effective

Don’t focus on being right or winning, just focus on being effective. Because if you respond with fire and a desire to win then it will absorb your time, energy and focus.

What really gets your back up? Leave your comments in the box below…URGENT!!

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